Best ASMR Lip Smacking with John Butler

Best ASMR Lip Smacking with John Butler
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ASMR Lip Smacking is one of the most polarizing areas of the ASMR community. Some absolutely hate lip smacking and at the first hint of it will immediately turn off the video. Many people have commented on our most popular videos that they couldn’t listen because there was some lip smacking, so it’s not for everyone…

However for those who love ASMR lip smacking there is one Englishman who rises all other ASMRitists, John Butler.

Who is John Butler? The first gentleman of unintentional ASMR.

Here we’ve edited together the best ASMR lip smacking moments from Mr. Butler in two videos and we’ll be adding more every week! Both videos are recorded in churches with high quality microphones for added effect. The first is with ConsciousTv’s Ian McNay and is just under an hour long.

In this next video (below) Mr Butler discusses his faith and spirituality. The recording begins with lots of unintentional ASMR lip smacking as is his specialty. Hope you enjoy!

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