5 of the Best ASMR for Sleep Channels On YouTube

5 of the Best ASMR Channels On YouTube To Help You Sleep
5 of the Best ASMR Channels On YouTube To Help You Sleep

I have struggled to fall asleep at night all my life. I always laid in bed tossing and turning, stressing myself out because I couldn’t sleep. One of the best ways I’ve found though to get super relaxed before bed is to listen to ASMR. While we predominantly focus on unintentional ASMR here, there are some regular ASMR channels on YouTube that are super relaxing for sleep. Here are 5 of the best ASMR for sleep channels on YouTube to help you sleep

RELAXING ASMR [Best underrated

I’m going to be honest with you and say that I don’t know a whole lot about the man behind the RelaxingASMR YouTube channel other than he is an older American gentleman who creates fantastic ASMR. He started his channel 8 years ago and clearly has the perfect channel name as he creates the most relaxing ASMR videos you can imagine. Usually his videos involve him sitting at his table, often with rain pattering in the background, while he examines and reviews various items from model cars to old magazines and quite often a new pen! He also does crossword puzzles that are super relaxing and also has a very popular series of Minecraft ASMR videos that have spawned a second channel.

Initially his channel was just his drawing but eventually he started speaking and thank God he did because he has an incredibly deep relaxing voice and seems to fully understand what it takes to create a great ASMR video. Overall his videos are criminally under-viewed but here is one his best.

Relaxing ASMR – one of the best ASMR channels


At the forefront of a sub genre of ASMR that we believe should be much bigger, Educational ASMR, the French Whisperer creates incredibly relaxing an interesting ASMR videos.

One of the first ASMR channels on YouTube, The French Whisperer ASMR left YouTube for _ years and his subscribers feared he’d never come back. But in early 2019 he returned to his soft spoken whispering best. He has an incredibly relaxing French accent and even lets his loyal subscribers vote on topics from him to whisper about. The below talk about the myth of Atlantis has been one of our go-to ASMR videos for a long time. Most of his videos is in English but he also releases some videos in Spanish as well as his native French.



Maria from Gentle Whispering ASMR is one of the biggest faces of the ASMR movement since starting her channel in 2011. She currently has over 1.8 million subscribers and makes a wide variety of ASMR videos but probably her most popular are her ASMR roleplay videos.

She is largely known as the ‘Queen of ASMR‘ and is regularly cited as the best female ASMR channel on YouTube. Here is one of her best ASMR videos with fluffy mics and soft speaking.


Gone but by no means forgotten, ASMR Aurette is one of the original ASMRtists and still one of the best. Unfortunately she was forced to remove her ASMR channel from YouTube after people started trying to tracking her down. Luckily some of her videos are still available to watch on YouTube as many have been re-uploaded by fans with her permission.

Hopefully one day she comes back to ASMR or at least to update her fans on how she’s been doing. But until then here is a huge 90 minute compilation of some of the best of ASMR Aurettte.


Probably the most famous ASMRist on YouTube right now, Gibi ASMR is in many ways the poster child for the ASMR community. Her whispering and soft spoken voice is famous and people not familiar with ASMR are generally still aware of Gibi. She is also a popular cosplayer and she regularly streams on Twitch too.

She has caused some controversy within the ASMR community recently as she is planning to bring our a premium ASMR app called ZEES. Get it? Let’s see how it goes… In the meantime here is a sample of what Gibi ASMR still offers on her YouTube channel for free!

Here is one of her most popular ASMR videos which features a lot of ASMR mouth sounds as well as some very intense ear attention as Gibi puts it!

Gibi ASMR – One of the best ASMR channels on YouTube

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