The 5 Best Bob Ross ASMR Videos To Fall Asleep Fast

Bob Ross ASMR via the Bob Ross YouTube channel
Bob Ross ASMR via the Bob Ross YouTube channel

Long before most people even know ASMR existed, they were listening to the soothing voice of Bob Ross painting. Now the Bob Ross YouTube channel has uploaded tons of new videos for your viewing/listening pleasure. At Pure Unintentional ASMR we’ve been listen to the soft spoken voice of Bob for years and now we’ve picked our favorite Bob Ross ASMR videos to help you sleep fast.

Island in the Wilderness

Our first video is the first episode from season 29 of the show. This video alone has over 6.5 million views and is currently the most popular video on the Bob Ross YouTube channel.

The Grandeur of Summer

This video is a 1 hour special shows Bob painting snow capped mountains and trees over a still lake. This is one of the few full episodes uploaded and an instant Bob Ross ASMR classic It’s almost like you can smell the paint. Enjoy!


Reflections of Calm

Next we have an later video from Season 31 of the show where Bob paints a beautiful lake with magnificent mountains over crystal clear water. This is one of his most soothing videos.

A Walk in the Woods

Last but not least we have the very first episode of the Bob Ross show featuring Bob painting some trees. The audio in this video isn’t has a high quality as others but has some of the best unintentional ASMR.

What do you think of our list? What is your favourite Bob Ross ASMR trigger? His voice or the brushing sounds or both? Let us know in the comments below and check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel for the best unintentional ASMR videos on the internet.