5 Underrated ASMR Channels That Should Be HUGE. [Most Underrated ASMRtists on YouTube]

Most underrated ASMR channels on YouTube (Best ASMR for sleep)
Most underrated ASMR channels on YouTube (Best ASMR for sleep)

Here at iNeedToSleepNow.com we specialize in unintentional ASMR as opposed to more mainstream intentional ASMR channels like ASMR Glow, Gibi ASMR, etc. Generally I find a lot of these “popular” ASMR channels to be too cringey, overly sexual or just plain weird or creepy.

However there are some ASMRtists that buck the trend, focusing less on tapping and which microphone they are whispering in, and instead simply focusing on producing interesting, soft spoken ASMR that I personally refer to as the purest form of ASMR. Predictably, these ASMR channels are criminally under-viewed but they are amazing for helping to sleep at night, so here are 5 of my favourite underrated ASMR channels. To be considered for this list, ASMR channels must have less than 100,000 subscribers as of August, 2020.

Note: Scroll to the bottom for the full video of these underrated ASMR channel’s best moments. If you disagree with this list, comment on the video and let me know who your favourite underrated ASMRtist is.

The 5 best underrated ASMR channels for sleep

CHYCHO [Interesting ASMR]

When I first starting listening to ASMR, I was just happy as long as the voice was soft spoken. But lately I really enjoy learning something as I’m relaxing. They’re are a few examples in this area like ‘Lets Find Out ASMR’ but my vote for the most interesting underrated ASMR channel is Chycho. Chycho streams on Twitch as well as YouTube where he has over 30k subscribers. With an incredibly soft spoken American accent, Chycho ASMR’s videos are all extremely varied but all equally as interesting. His main subjects of discussion are personal finance, cryptocurrencies, Maths, politics and so, so much more. He also does ASMR comic book haul videos and is overall an incredibly engaging ASMRtist with his audience. Most of his videos are live streams where he frequently responds to questions about almost anything. He’s honestly incredibly interesting and relaxing guy to listen to and it’s pretty mind boggling that Chycho doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers by now…

YANG HAIYING [Best Accidental ASMR]

Probably the most underrated and under-watched ASMR channel on YouTube, Yang Haiying has been making YouTube videos for over a decade now. She has over 65k loyal subscribers and many of her videos have 100k + views. Haiying speaks English, Chinese and French in her incredibly relaxing soft spoken Chinese accent. Her ASMR content ranges from drawing ASMR videos, soft spoken voice-over ASMR, OOTD ASMR (Outfit Of The Day), Unboxing ASMR and lots of tea ASMR videos too! She doesn’t do anything to promote her videos which makes her channel all the more charming so giver her a follow and check out our favourite video below:

Haiying – The #1 ASMR Channel To Help You Sleep At Night

CHECK IT OUT [Best show and tell ASMR]

Like Haiying, this YouTube channel became an ASMR channel accidentally. In fact he has changed between calling his channel Check It Out ASMR and just ‘Check It Out’. Prasanth a guy from India who reviews simple everyday products on his channel, anything from mobile phones to chocolate bars. He reviews each product in very deliberately and in great detail making his videos perfect for ASMR. He’s also a really nice guy to boot, who gave this channel permission to create this compilation of his most softly spoken moments:

Check It Out’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/prasanthblog


A German lady living in the U.S. Sabienne has 3 separate channels all of which are criminally undervalued and under-subscribed. She has been making ASMR-esque videos for years now and since she has not reached the YouTube threshold for monetization please help her get to 1,000 subscribers. I absolute hate ASMR eating videos but in Sabienne’s videos it’s not really about the eating, more about her lovely soft spoken German accent talking about food.


Like Yang Haiying, Yuka Show and Tell is an ASMR channel but could easily count itself as an unintentional ASMR channel as Yuka doesn’t record her videos for sleep. However it didn’t take her subscribers long to let her know that her soft spoken Japanese accent was perfect for ASMR. Since then she has been tagging her videos as ASMR but really she just muses about her personal life, teaches Japanese calligraphy and even has a podcast where she talks about the differences between Japan and Canada. Here are some of my favourite Yuka ASMR moments:

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