What is Unintentional ASMR? [with the Best Examples]

What is Unintentional ASMR?
What is Unintentional ASMR?

In order to fully explain what is unintentional ASMR, we’re going to assume you’re familiar with ASMR but if not, see our what is ASMR guide.


Sometimes referred to as accidental ASMR, Unintentional ASMR is the exact opposite of traditional ASMRtists like Gibi ASMR or GentleWhispers ASMR. Unintentional ASMR is getting that same relaxing tingling sensation as ASMR but from a unintentional source.

Often it is gotten from people with a softly spoken voices speaking with a relaxing tone such as Mr. Rogers. Another great example and many people’s first introduction to unintentional ASMR is Bob Ross, the American painter. Often the content is interesting but generally that is secondary to the sights, and particularly the sounds of the person’s voice.

For many people, myself included, Unintentional ASMR is seen as the purest form of ASMR. We find mainstream intentional ASMR to be too cringey and embarrassing to watch. It just isn’t very relaxing when the person is making a huge effort to relax the viewer (although there are some exceptions). For people like us, unintentional ASMR just feels far more natural and organic.

One of the all-time greats, Fred Rogers, showing you what is unintentional ASMR

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If you have been listening to ASMR for some time now, often intentional videos can stop inducing ASMR and then only unintentional ASMR videos will work anymore.

Unintentional ASMR videos doesn’t always have to induce ASMR either. Sometimes people recall feeling no tingling sensation but instead an overall relaxation. For this reason, unintentional ASMR videos are often ideal for helping people sleep.

So what are some examples of unintentional ASMR?

Almost anything really. Mainly people with soft spoken voices, relaxing long-form interviews, people begin massaged, rain on a window pane, a cat purring, etc. The list is long and varied but here are some notable examples.


There are many different types of unintentional ASMR triggers, including but not limited to:

Soft spoken voices such as this Indian gentleman from the YouTube channel Check It Out has dedicated an entire channel to his unintentional ASMR voice.

Check It Out ASMR YouTube channel

Painting, sculpting and restoration videos are incredibly popular right now with unintentional ASMR enthusiasts. Of course the grand-master of ASMR art, Bob Ross, may have something to do with it but there is something deeply relaxing about watching someone work at their craft in a peaceful, methodical manner.

Bob Ross unintentional ASMR

Probably one of the most under-recognized subsections of unintentional ASMR are medical exam videos. Student nurses and various medical institutions often record medical exams as part of their medical training. Videos like medical exam assessments, head to toe assessment, eye exams, etc are amazing for falling asleep to. Here is one such video with a very calm, soft spoken doctor performing the most thorough medical exam in history!

Nature sounds are another example of accidental ASMR with sounds like thunderstorms, rain on a window pane and waves lapping on the beach popular for unintentional ASMR seekers.

Sea Sounds ASMR

A stable video of unintentional ASMR groups are massage videos where often a person is being massaged by a professional as part of some training video. One of the best examples of this is a massage by a lady named Rebecca.

A growing market is pet ASMR, such as cat’s purring, eatable and being groomed. Although there can be a debate as to whether or not this counts as intentional or unintentional but as long as the animal isn’t planning it, we feel it counts as unintentional!

Bailey The Cat ASMR

For more examples of what is unintentional ASMR, see out our full and definitive list of the best unintentional ASMR videos.

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What is unintentional ASMR for you? Comment below you favourite videos or triggers.