BEST White Noise Machines For Sleep [Best for travel, best value, etc]

Probably one of the most counter-intuitive ways to get to sleep when there is too much noise is more noise! But a white noise machine can really help you sleep quickly in any environment and maintain a deep sleep throughout the night. Here we review the 5 best white noise machines in Canada and the U.S for 2020. For just the list with links scroll to the bottom.

Although we do have an overall best white noise machine we also give each machine a special in-class award, including the best value white noise machine and the best white noise machines for travel.


LECTROFAN EVO is the Best White Noise Machine in Canada

LECTROFAN EVO [Simply the Best Sound Machine]

Offering the best volume control over its competitors, The Lectrofan Evo continues to be the best white noise machine for a reason. It is quite simply the highest quality white noise machine on offer, keeping the users experience at the forefront of its thinking. It has a headphone jack for those with partners who dislike white noise, pairing nicely with the SleepPhones headphones. It also offers an auto shut-off feature that can be set to between 1 and 8 hours. It also offers the best control system with one button for sounds and one for white noise so you don’t have to spend your precious bedtime cycling through noises. The volume controls allow the user to adapt to any situation and block out any type of noise that you might be having issues with. It also offers some of the best sounds with no breaks or loops which comes free with the product.

Not the best for travel as although it is relatively small, it is deceptively heavy. The Micro 2 (below) might be a better choice for travel but overall the Lectrofan Evo is our top pick!


Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, the Dohm Classic is a built-in fan powered white noise machine. They call it the classic for a reason and this is because it has been in operation for over 50 years. You may not be able to see from the pictures but the Dohm Classic has an innovative design where you twist the machine to cover more or less holes, making the sound louder or quieter as desired.

Unfortunately the unique design does make it hard to turn this noise machine up very loudly so it gets the #2 spot but is still a brilliant white noise machine.

EWAN THE DREAM SHEEP - Best White Noise Machines Canada For Sleep

EWAN THE DREAM SHEEP [Best White Noise Machine For Kids]

The best white noise machine for kids is easily Ewan The Dream Sheep. He can play a mix of heartbeat and womb sounds for young toddlers and also doubles as a nightlight. He can also be attached to a buggy or car seat which makes him a great travel companion for sleeping on the go. The reason we didn’t score Ewan the Dream sheep higher is that his battery life is quite poor so you may need to buy extra batteries. But can you really put a price on a having a baby sleep? We thought not.

ICRO 2 | Best White Noise Machines Canada

LECTROFAN MICRO 2 [Best White Noise Machine For Travel]

Like its sibling the Evo, the Lectrofan Micro 2 is a high quality sound machine. This is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is great sound machine for travel given its slim, sleek design It can also be paired with your phone and used as a speaker to stream ASMR or sleep videos. The volume control options are decent for the size and there are 11 built-in noises. If you are listening to sleep sounds on the Micro 2, the battery can last over 40 hours. Listening to Bluetooth audio will lower the battery about twice as fast (20 hours).


HOMEDICS PORTABLE [Best Value White Noise Machine]

So we’ve decided to include an all-in-one white noise machine that kind of falls under every category above. Its cheap (CDN $19.99), portable, suitable for babies and is a pretty high quality machine overall. It is the Homedics White Noise Machine Portable. It may not be the leading contender in any category but it is a very good all-round white noise machine and great for beginners or students.

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LECTROFAN MICRO 2 [Best White Noise Machine For Travel]

HOMEDICS PORTABLE [Best Value White Noise Machine]

EWAN THE DREAM SHEEP [Best White Noise Machine For Kids]

MARPAC DOHM CLASSIC [The Old Favourite White Noise Machine]

LECTROFAN EVO [Simply the Best White Noise Machine]