What does ASMR mean? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response explained

    What does ASMR mean?
    What does ASMR mean?

    ASMR has exploded in popularity in recent years with videos routinely getting millions of views but many people wonder does ASMR mean and is it as totally pointless as it seems.

    So what does ASMR mean?

    ASMR is an enjoyable tingling sensation with the main aim of relaxing people. The static-like feeling usually starts in the scalp and back and is triggered by relaxing voices, sounds and other stimuli. Some people call ASMR “the chills” “head tingles” or “head orgasms”. It is not a sexual sensation although it can be going by certain popular ASMR channels!

    Examples of ASMR:

    Some of the most famous ASMRtists include Bob Ross and John Butler but most ASMR videos contain tapping, brushing and scratching sounds along with gentle whispers.

    Other videos that are popular in the ASMR community are role-playing and health check-up videos like this:

    Commons triggers for ASMR include:

    • Relaxing conversations
    • White noise
    • Softly spoken voices
    • whispering
    • Lip smacking
    • Tapping, brushing sounds, etc.

    ASMR videos on YouTube have exploded in popularity in recent years particularly intentional ASMR videos. Some people claim unintentional ASMR is the purest form of ASMR. Unintentional ASMR are sounds where the original intention of the recording was not for ASMR reasons. Examples include, relaxing interviews, softly spoken interviews, gentle wind and rain, etc.

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    However with intentional ASMR many people have been able to quit their jobs and make videos full time such is the popularity of ASMR at present. If you’d like to experience it for yourself then check out our YouTube channel for the best specially selected ASMR videos for your listening pleasure.

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